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Gucci mane, Young Robbery, V-Town, Redeyez & Homewrecka
"So Up To Par"

Telly Mac
"Trials and Tribulations"

Young Boo
"Love It"

Young Robbery Ft. Snoop Dog

Migos, Boo Banga, Chino Montana, Young Boo
"Jerome Bettis"

Gucci Mane, Reek Daddy, V-Town, Five
"Better Stay Yo Distance"

Gucci Mane, Boo Banga, Bottle Boyz

Swinla & Gucci Mane
"Showing Off"

"The Bay Ft. San Quinn & Coolio Da UndaDogg"

Young Robbery
"Resurrection of Real"

Young Robbery Ft. Common
"Risky Business"

Young Boo
"Know That"

V Town, Redeyez & Swinla
"Choppas Up"

Homewrecka Ft. Gucci Mane
"Know That She The Baddest"

Spice 1, Dubee & Big Rich Ft. Pom Pom
"Spray Area"

Telly Mac, V Town, Chewy Loc & Gucci Mane

Young Robbery Ft. Gucci Mane, Telly Mac, San Quinn & Galaxy Adams
"No Patience Remix"
Random Whiteguy Ft. Telly Mac, Yung Lott & Rich Homie Quan
" I.D.K.W "
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Redeyz, Young Robbery, Swinla and Migoz
"9 Lives"
Young Mar
"Check Me Out"
Young Boo & J-Diggs
"Everywhere I Go"
Listen Free
Young Robbery
"Feel Good Music"
Young Robbery
Young Robbery
"Under Rated"
Young Robbery, Chewy Loc, Peezy
"One Night"
Young Robbery
"Hood Story (Single)"
Young Robbery, Pablo Fetti, Monk, Opium Sabbah
"Beast of America"
Red Eyez, AJC, V-Town, Young Robbery
"She Bad"
Young Robbery
"Smoke Break"
Young Robbery, V-Town, Dirty J
P-Lo, Young Robbery, P-Streets
"I'm Already Knowin"

"If I Walk Thru These Streets of Hell"

Telly Mac, Lil Nate Dogg, Rappin 4Tay
"Twos Up"

Homewrecka, Philthy Rich
"Im A Goon"
Young P Streets, Show Banga
"Have a Round On Me"
Rappin' 4-Tay, Spice 1, Telly Mac, Mac Mall, San Quinn, Homewrecka & Matt Blaque
"Pistol In Da Club"
Telly Mac, B-Lo, Yung LA

Young P Streets Ft. Sleepy Mack, Dutch Santana
"2 Turnt Up"

Young Boo, Gucci Mane, Young Robbery
"True Religion Jeans"

Young P Streets
"If Rap Dont Work"
Messy Marv, Spice 1 Ft. Magnolia Chop
"That Brown That White"
Berner Ft. Swinla & Young Boo
"Cookies in a Bag"

"Game Night"
Young P Streets
"Playin No Games"
Telly Mac & Quavo Migos
"Get it Up"

Mac Mall, Telly Mac, V-Town
"Ova Ya Head"
Swinla & SB Baby Cougnut
"2 Cups"
V-Town, Telly Mac, Redeyez, Young Boo
"You See Us"

Telly Mac, V-Town, San Quinn, Ragz Bubz
"Its California"
Mars, V-Town, Telly Mac
"Im Taken Yo life"
Redeyez & Telly Mac

San Quinn, Young Boo, Young Robbery, Homewrecka
"Nuthin Fabricated"

Telly Mac, Redeyez, Lil Rue
"Ill Show You how to Hustle"

Young Robbery, Gucci Mane, Young Boo, Boo Banga
"True Religion Jeans Remix"

Reek Daddy & The Game Ft. Dirty J & AP-9
"Ride or Die"
Redeyez and Telly Mac Ft. Cutthroat & Boo Banga
"Money Dollas"
Messy Marv Ft. The Goodfelonz
"Gettin off"

Swinla, Boss Hogg, Don Toriano
"Ima Warrior an Shark"
Swinla & Napalm Ft. Mac Mall, Telly Mac, Cutthroat, Erruption
"Ima Niner"
Young Robbery Ft. Gucci Mane, San Quinn & Telly Mac