Hallo,I'm a fan of rap from the West Coast. I live in Poland. Thanks bayundaground learned to label DLK Enterprise. I am greatly impressed by the achievements of the label. After hearing compilacji Hood Files and Warn the Public I found these boards for some of the best in recent years in the Bay Area.I can not wait to reach out to other projects Telly Mac, Homewrecka, Boo Banger, Young Boo, etc! respect for the whole team for such a good rap!

 Greetings from Polish

"DLK is becoming a center for talent in the Bay Area."
Lou Nutt Murderdog Magazine
Love yall Dlk cats..stic together fam i luv it.
Laelvesand Soklean

"DLK is running shit. Shout out to DLK, Young Boo, and all the real niggaz out there. DLK is gonna be the next big thing."
-Black Dog Bone-

you guys dont stop pushin,this shit is dope..yall might be the last hope for the bay. keep it up!
Alfonso Rivera

"just when i thought bay rap was losing its authenticity and grittiness DLK Enterprise is resurrecting the movement. support your local grinders!"